Short Sweet Love Poems...

Short sweet love poems carry powerful meaning for their authors and can be a joy to read.

In stark contrast to love and sad poems, short love poems can excite and inspire both the author and the reader.

They've even been known to brighten people's days!

Poem of love...

Captivating laughter
Prisoner to your smile
A million years I'd wait
Floating, dreaming just a while.
Anticipating peacefulness
Contagious happiness inside
Memorize one moment
Captured, close the eyes.
Singing laughing playfulness
Emotions flood, the river wide
Captive for one million years
Dreaming of your smile.

David Bohmiller

A Better Night...

A better night I couldn't have had
Your surprises
Overwhelming me.
Beaming in your presence now
Impassioned stories
Treading carefully.
Hopelessly I'm floating now
Over barriers
Falling gently.
A better night I couldn't have had
Sleeping peacefully
New reality.

David Bohmiller

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